Skin is a dynamic, changeable structure that interacts with, and reflects every part of our being - physical, mental and emotional - and our relationship with the external environment.

Good skin care is rooted in lifestyle choices and awareness of one's Health. Being aware of how you breathe can make the difference between a glowing and dull complexion. Choosing to have less sugar in your diet can prevent your skin prematurely aging.

Being conscious of what effects your skin empowers you to take control of the way your skin looks and feels. Choosing natural products that are ethically farmed can enhance the skin's complexion to look more supple, radiant and fresh. And regular treatments are fantastic for boosting skin health and appearance, and working therapeutically with specific conditions. However, the key to healthy skin is our inherent ability to continuously regenerate and create Health from moment to moment. Within this process lies the potential to optimize how our skin looks and feels.

Our physiology is a synergetic system of communication that works as a whole to produce who we are as individuals. The circulatory, respiratory, digestive, immune and lymphatic system all need each other to perform effectively. And all of these systems play an integral role in the health of our skin.

Understanding why these systems affect your skin; and how they are interconnected set the primary foundations for sustainable skin care.

Nutrition is fundamental to the health of our skin. When we feed ourselves, we feed our skin. Like every organ in our body, skin needs vital nutrients so that it can grow and function properly. Skin tone, structure, clarity and radiance are all influenced by the foods we eat.

It is not only food that feeds our skin. Our thoughts and emotions feed our skin too. A calm mind and controlled emotions have an incredible effect at reducing stress; which is a prime factor in premature aging, and dull lifeless skin.