The main aim of chiropody/podiatry is to assess, diagnose and treat abnormalities and diseases of the lower limb. Chiropody/podiatry at The Hale Clinic is a complete holistic foot care treatment, where the foot is considered in conjunction with the entire body. Standard features of this treatment include a soft tissue massage of the feet with natural medicines; homeopathy may also be used to treat specific conditions.
Common conditions that chiropodists/podiatrists can treat are:

Children and adults presenting pains in their legs or feet as they grow or have problems walking
People with diabetes who may have problems with circulation, or sensation in their feet.

Sports/dance injuries relating to the legs and feet
Calluses; bunions; corns; toe deformities; verrucas; athletes foot; foot pain; biomechanics; back pain; hip and knee pain; flat feet; ingrown toe nails; arched feet and ulcers.

People may simply want advice about footwear and foot health, in which the chiropodist/podiatrist is fully qualified to help with.

Practitioners Offering Chiropody/Podiatry