BOST (Bone One Session Treatment) is a non-surgical solution that supports the bodyʼs natural healing processes, helping to fight periodontal disease at its source: under the gums, and in the bone.
Try to keep your own teeth as long as possible.

When the bacterial DNA tests first became available, DNA tests were done immediately before and after treatment. The results showed that 99% of the bacteria could be removed with the BOST gum treatment.

The treatment involves (under local anaesthetic where required), gentle stretching of the gums back from the teeth (where attachment was lost already), to expose the infected areas. This lets Dr Suzanne Roelofs clean out the infection, even at the level of the bone. She treats the whole mouth in one go, so there is no chance of re-infection. Only three simple dental instruments are needed. To work on the whole mouth takes around four hours in total, but you are not stuck in a traditional dentists’ chair. Instead, you lie on a specially designed one in a lovely and calm room, a very positive atmosphere – and you can take as many breaks as you need.

Thereʼs no invasive surgery, and no chemical disinfectants. In BOST treatment we stretch the gum tissue to get access down to the surface of the bone and are able to smooth it and remove the granulation tissue and the anaerobic bacteria trapped in the porosities of the bone. In fact, we found that stretching gives nearly as good an access to the root surfaces as a flap and is much faster and doesn’t require stitching. Dr Suzanne Roelofs can even splint loose teeth to keep them firm while the mouth recovers. Splinting is great for improvement of aesthetics especially where teeth affected by gum disease have moved / flared / grown out.

BOST creates the right circumstances to allow our body to do the healing.

The treatment is done with the aim to try and keep your own teeth for as long as possible.

BOST is a safer, better, less invasive, less expensive, health conscious alternative to implants, keeping your own teeth and gums healthy.