Pregnancy and Childbirth

Most women enjoy their pregnancy, although there is no doubt that in the months leading up to childbirth your body goes through huge changes that affect you emotionally and psychologically as well as physically.

You may get morning sickness during the first three or four months when the baby’s organs are forming. For some women this is the first sign of pregnancy. Hormonal changes can also result in sore breasts, bloatedness, dizziness, weepiness, or skin problems in the early weeks. None of these are dangerous either to you or to your baby and most doctors will quite rightly be reluctant to prescribe anything for what is usually a very temporary discomfort.

In the later months of pregnancy it is quite normal to have leg cramps, some sleeplessness and indigestion (heartburn) or constipation. Your increased weight, blood supply, and changing shape make a lot of demands on your body. Softening ligaments may cause pain around the pelvis and you will probably experience some back or neck ache. You may have slightly swollen fingers or puffy ankles. You must have plenty of rest and relaxation.

Therapies Offered: