Baby & Child Clinic

Our Baby & Child Clinic cares for babies and children with a wide range of dis-eases. Some of these children are outpatients of Great Ormond Street Hospital. The care consists of organic herbal preparations of the highest quality, which are licensed by the UK Government and the EU. The Baby & Child Clinic also specialises in skin and digestive disorders; and recurrent infections. The clinic addresses the following symptoms in babies and children, providing a safe and gentle approach: Silent Reflux Psoriasis Constipation Ringworm Diarrhoea Parasites Bloating Candida (Thrush) Excess Gas Failure to Thrive Recurrent Tonsillitis Sleep Problems Swollen Adenoids Recurrent Ear Infection Recurrent Bronchitis Asthma Eczeme Fatigue Digestion Problems C-section Microflora Rebalance Recurrent Cold Sores Anxiety Recurrent Cystitis Hyperactivity Recurrent Urinary Tract Infection Mild/Moderate Depression Sinusitis Fungal Infections Allergies Migraine/Headaches Obesity Stress Acne Recurrent Warts Poor Appetite Recurrent Colds