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Below are only a couple of cases which represent thousands of my happy patients:Mr Mk injured his right knee 30 years ago in his teenage. He had 6 open knee surgeries and has virtually lost all meniscus. He was in pain 24/7 and was very skeptical in the first 2 sessions. He cried with happy tears on the 3rd session as he managed to gain a lot of painfree range. Mr Md becomes a happy man after starting the treatment. He can walk normal and play his favourite sports without worrying about the knee pain which has been bothering him for 30 years. Mr Af’s knee has been bothering him for decades so he has sought treatment from the best doctors and therapists in town and was told there would not be any cure until he experienced the 30 sec trial treatment. Even after one and a half months, it is still feeling good.

"Danira I am so appreciative of your time & patience with me today. Feel like a new person. You saved my soul. God bless you."


I appreciated all your amazing recommendations (doctors, books, YouTube videos... :) and advice. The energy healing was very profound, I've not experienced anything like that before. It was definitely a huge release and moving.

Sofie B.

When you get diagnosed with an incurable cancer you feel totally out of control. Danira taught me that this couldn't be further from the truth. You are in control of everything. Danira helped me find the strength within to start the healing process, one year since my diagnosis I feel more empowered than ever.


"When I came for my first session with Danira I wasn't sure how, or whether, healing would work for me. However, I found it an extremely powerful experience, and was amazed by how serene and energised I felt afterwards. In subsequent sessions I've experienced a range of different sensations, including intense colours, particular emotions, or a sense of sinking or floating, but everytime produces a profound feeling of wellbeing." “When I first met Danira, I was going through a very difficult time in my life. However, from the very first session, something has changed. I’ve had seven sessions with her so far. Danira’s questions are sensitive and insightful and her intuition is amazing! During the guided visualisation , her sunshine nature and beautiful, calm, warming voice conveys me to into a deep relaxation. When the healing begins, I sometimes feel her hands touching my forehead—even when she is not touching me at all! My forehead grows warm from her vibrant energy. After the session, I look in the mirror to see my face is shining..and every cell of my body is absorbed by deep, deep peace. Anon


"I was diagnosed with inoperable prostate cancer eighteen months ago.I had read articles which said that cancer patients who used complementary treatments were found to have increased chances of survival.One such treatment is visualisation. Danira Caleta, a healer at The Hale Centre was recommended to me and I have been one of her "patients"for the last year. In her hour-long appointments Danira has taught me the technique of relaxation and visualisation which I am able to do at home.The healing session on the couch is amazing! Total relaxation, mind emptied of negative thoughts,with a sensation of utter calm,floating,almost asleep but fully aware of the surroundings. At the end of the session the feelings of calm and being positive about the future are like being "recharged". Try it!"