Metabolic balance®

Metabolic balance®

‘Metabolic balance®’ is a nutritional programme that is used as part of GP Natural Weight Management Ltd; a programme that is specifically designed to manage weight naturally, without the need for supplements or meal replacements. Based on the principle of Optimum Nutrition, the GP Natural Weight Management programme is committed to devising the best protocol, tailored to suit you for the stage you are at in your life.

Metabolic balance is a superior 4 phase nutritional programme based on blood sample and individual bio-chemistry. It is specifically designed to regulate your hormones and restore balance and harmony to all of your bodily systems and functions, and up regulate your metabolism.

This programme will truly empower you to embrace ‘natures’ food again and understand that it is not about deprivation, calorie counting or ‘fat-free’ gimmicks, but a balance of quality proteins, fats and carbohydrates. This will guide you with not only “what to eat”, but “when, and how to eat”, and when to ‘treat and cheat’!

Regular health assessments to support clients through their transformation and process, are undertaken over a minimum 3 month period.

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